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Umbraco Upgrade Project

Umbraco Upgrade Project

Umbraco Upgrade Project

Client: Enterprise

Project Duration: 4 months


The primary objective of this project was to upgrade the client's existing websites from an older version of Umbraco (ASP.Net) to Umbraco Heartcore. This upgrade aimed to leverage the benefits of a headless CMS for improved performance, scalability, and content management flexibility.

Scope of Work:

1. Analysis:

  • Conducted a thorough assessment of the existing Umbraco websites.

  • Identified key functionalities, content types, and design elements to be migrated.

2. Planning & Strategy:

  • Developed a comprehensive migration plan, outlining phases, timelines, and resource allocation.

  • Created a risk management strategy to minimize downtime and data loss.

3. Implementation:

  • Executed the upgrade from the older version of Umbraco to Umbraco Heartcore.

  • Ensured seamless integration of Umbraco Heartcore as the headless CMS.

4. Content Migration:

  • Migrated all existing content, ensuring no loss of data integrity.

  • Optimized content structures for better performance in the new system.

5. API Integration:

  • Developed and integrated APIs to facilitate communication between Umbraco Heartcore and other systems.

  • Enabled flexible content delivery across multiple platforms.

6. CI/CD Setup:

  • Established Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines.

  • Automated testing and deployment processes for efficient and error-free releases.

7. Maintenance & Optimization:

  • Conducted regular maintenance checks for performance optimization.

  • Implemented updates and feature enhancements post-migration.

Technologies Used:

  • Umbraco Heartcore: For headless CMS capabilities.

  • NextJS: Utilized for building the new user portal.

  • RESTful APIs: For seamless data exchange and integration.

  • Docker: Used for containerizing applications and ensuring smooth deployment.

Outcomes & Benefits:

  • Enhanced website performance and scalability.

  • Streamlined content management with headless CMS architecture.

  • Improved user experience with faster load times and modern UI.

  • Reduced development time and costs with automated CI/CD processes.

  • Ensured data integrity and consistency during the migration process.

Team Composition:

  • Project Manager

  • Web Developers (Frontend & Backend)

  • UI/UX Designers

  • QA Engineers

  • DevOps Specialists

In summary, the upgrade from the older version of Umbraco to Umbraco Heartcore significantly improved the client's website performance, content management efficiency, and scalability, positioning the client for ongoing growth and adaptability in the digital landscape.

Umbraco Upgrade Project
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