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Client: AAL

Project Duration: 9 months


The primary goal of the SI-FOOtWORK project was to develop a revolutionary Smart Insole system for Older Workers aimed at reducing back pain. This innovative system, featuring pressure sensors integrated into insoles, was designed to measure lifting workloads. The integration of advanced low-power technology, specifically Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), allowed for wireless and ubiquitous communication with an adaptable AI lifting engine, capable of evaluating lifting amounts and correctness.

Scope of Work:

1. Research & Development:

   - Designed and developed smart insoles equipped with pressure sensors.

   - Integrated NB-IoT technology for seamless communication with the AI engine.

   - Developed an AI lifting engine to analyze lifting data in real-time.

2. User Interface Design:

   - Created a user-friendly application for mobile devices, smartwatches, and discrete wristbands or patches.

   - Ensured real-time visualization of lifting data for end-users.

   - Focused on intuitive design for easy adoption by older workers.

3. Co-Creation & Testing:

   - Engaged in a co-creation process with primary and secondary end-users.

   - Conducted extensive testing in Denmark, Norway, and Romania.

   - Gathered feedback and iterated designs based on user experience.

4. Integration & Deployment:

   - Seamlessly integrated the insole system with various display devices.

   - Implemented robust data synchronization and communication protocols.

   - Deployed the system for real-world use and evaluation.

5. Health & Safety Compliance:

   - Ensured the system adhered to health and safety standards.

   - Focused on ergonomic design to maximize comfort and effectiveness.

6. Data Analysis & Optimization:

   - Utilized AI algorithms for precise lifting analysis.

   - Continuously optimized the system based on data collected.

Technologies Used:

- IoT: For the smart insole's connectivity and data transmission.

- Mobile Development: For creating the application interface on various devices.

- Smart Foot Insoles: Custom-designed insoles with integrated pressure sensors and NB-IoT technology.

Outcomes & Benefits:

- Improved Quality of Life: Enhanced the working conditions and health of older workers, reducing the risk of back pain.

- Technological Innovation: Developed a unique IoT-based health solution, advancing the field of wearable technology.

- User Empowerment: Provided workers with real-time feedback on lifting techniques, fostering safer work practices.

- Sustainability: Contributed to the sustainability of social security and healthcare systems by reducing age-related work injuries.

- Market Impact: Boosted the European active and assisted living sector, enhancing industrial competitiveness and employment.

Team Composition:

- Project Manager

- IoT Engineers

- AI Specialists

- UI/UX Designers

- Health & Safety Experts

Business Impact and Value Realization

- Healthier Workforce: Prolonged active working life for older workers through effective risk behavior mitigation.

- Economic Benefits: Reduced healthcare costs associated with work-related back injuries.

- Competitive Advantage: Positioned consortium SMEs at the forefront of the active and assisted living technology sector.

- Social Impact: Addressed a critical need in the aging workforce, aligning with European social welfare goals.

In summary, the SI-FOOtWORK project successfully achieved its objective of creating an ICT solution to improve the quality of life for older workers. By blending advanced technologies with user-centric design, the project stands as a testament to innovative solutions addressing age-related challenges in the workplace.

This work was supported by a grant of the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization, CNCS/CCCDI –

UEFISCDI and of the AAL Programme, with co-funding from the European Union`s Horizon 2020

research and innovation programme, project number 228/2021, within PNCDI III

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