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Coach My Life

Coach My Life

Coach My Life

Client: AAL

Project Duration: 42 months


The aim of the CoachMyLife project was to develop a sophisticated digital memory aid designed to enhance the independence and quality of life of cognitively challenged older adults. The project focused on creating a personalized and context-aware guidance system, co-designed with the target user group, their carers, and medical experts.

Scope of Work:

1. Research and Co-Design:

   - Collaborated with cognitively challenged older adults, their informal carers, and medical experts to understand needs and preferences.

   - Conducted extensive research on cognitive challenges and existing solutions in the market.

2. Development of Context-Aware System:

   - Integrated advanced sensors to detect users' context and intent.

   - Developed a system to provide real-time, activity-specific guidance (e.g., assistance with operating a washing machine).

3. Implementation of Errorless Learning Technique:

   - Incorporated the errorless learning technique, suitable for individuals with memory impairments.

   - Tailored the training to enhance users' memory and executive functions through daily activities.

4. Technology Integration:

   - Integrated various technologies such as sensor integration, edge computing, wearable integration, machine learning, sound analysis, and computer vision.

   - Ensured seamless operation and user-friendly interface for the target demographic.

5. Testing and Iteration:

   - Conducted pilot tests with the target user group to gather feedback and refine the solution.

   - Implemented iterative improvements based on real-world usage and expert input.

Technologies Used:

- Sensor Integration: For accurate context and intent recognition.

- Edge Computing: To process data locally for quicker response times.

- Wearable Integration: To monitor user activities and provide contextual guidance.

- Machine Learning: For adapting and personalizing the user experience.

- Sound Analysis and Computer Vision: To interpret environmental cues and user interactions.

Outcomes & Benefits:

- Enhanced Quality of Life: Significantly improved the independence and daily living experience of cognitively challenged older adults.

- Personalized Assistance: Developed a tailored solution that adapts to individual user needs and activities.

- Innovative Approach: Moved beyond traditional cognitive training tools, focusing on real-life activities for tangible benefits.

- Research Contribution: Contributed valuable insights to the field of geriatric care and cognitive support technologies.

Team Composition:

- Project Manager

- Researchers in Geriatrics and Cognitive Sciences

- User Experience Designers

- Software Developers

- Machine Learning Engineers

- Quality Assurance Specialists

Business Impact and Value Realization:

- Pioneering Digital Assistance: Set a new standard in digital memory aids, focusing on practical, everyday tasks.

- User-Centric Design: The co-design approach ensured the solution was closely aligned with user needs, enhancing adoption and effectiveness.

- Scientific Validation: Gained recognition and support from notable research bodies, validating the project's scientific and practical relevance.

- Market Differentiation: Distinctly positioned in the market, addressing a gap in cognitive training tools with a real-life application focus.

In summary, the CoachMyLife project represents a significant advancement in cognitive support technologies, offering a unique, practical, and scientifically grounded solution to improve the lives of older adults facing cognitive challenges.

This work was supported by a grant of the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization, CNCS/CCCDI –

UEFISCDI and of the AAL Programme, with co-funding from the European Union`s Horizon 2020

research and innovation programme, project number 80/2019, within PNCDI III

Coach My Life
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