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CanaryTech is a verified member of the Pangea community

We are proud to announce that CanaryTech successfully verified as a Pangea vendor. This means that we have joined an elite community of the top 7% of software engineering vendors. This will enable us to provide unparalleled transparency about our organization through our Pangea profile for both current and future allies.


The path to join an elite vendor community

We at CanaryTech have long thought about how we can reduce the quality uncertainty and asymmetric information for current and future allies. Having gone through the independent verification process at Pangea, we can now do just that.

To shed some light on the verification process, we started with an organisational mapping where we deep-dived on topics such as business strategy, culture, technology, recruitment & HR, project metrics and more. This formed the foundation of our company.

In the second part, we gained insights from our team members to measure team health. To verify the client experience at CanaryTech, 3 of our clients contributed with their insights. 

Going through a rigorous verification process thought us a lot about our own company. We detected blindspots and identified strengths we were unaware of. More than joining an elite community, it allowed us to sync on topics that we were unable to prioritize in the day-to-day hustle and buzz that will improve our internal efficiency and alignment.

CanaryTech is a proud to be a community member of the elite community at Pangea.

Key findings and learnings

What we found the most interesting was the team health metrics as it was the sentiment shared by our team members. Our team health score is 9.1/10.0 where our highest scores were 9.4/10.0 for personal growth and 9.3 for management rapport.

As a company that wants to be the best place to work in Ploiesti, we were thrilled to see that our team is satisfied at CanaryTech and that the bond and rapport between the coworkers are strong. However, we also saw that we could do better in areas of advocacy and peers rapport.

"Working with Canary Technology Innovations has been seamless, efficient, and a great pleasure. Products are delivered on time and as promised, issues and problems are dealt with and solved immediately."

Beatrix Vereijken, Project Manager @ Norwegian University of Science and Technology

It goes without saying that we are eager to understand what our clients say about us. From the client insights derived by Pangea, our client score is 8.7/10. This is a testament to our team and the hard work and dedication we show our clients.

”It's been awesome working with CanaryTech! Their experienced team helped us build our product within our planned timeline and proved to be a reliable partner throughout. I highly recommend their team! ”

O.P. Product Manager @ Enterprise/Corporation

Continuous improvement and excellence

Being part of the elite 7% of vendors is a great milestone enabling full transparency for any prospect about the status quo, but only the beginning of a continuous journey. Therefore, we anticipate investing further into employee development, technology and processes to provide the best version of ourselves our team and clients.

Our progress will be documented on our verified Pangea profile which we hope will support our growth and success as a company. Success for us means attracting the best talent, working with clients who are a cultural fit and help them achieve their respective product and business goals.

To achieve that and maintain and improve the Pangea scores over the years to come, we will dedicate ourselves to constant improvement and development. Overall, this goal will ensure that we have the right processes and systems in place to foster a great working culture that translates to happy customer.


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